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Facility & Property Management

Facility & Property Management

Acting on behalf of a landlord or owner can be an onerous task, especially where life safety is concerned…

There are many considerations to recognise and organise. That’s why we offer a full end user package reflecting your responsibilities where fire and security is concerned.
Many Property and Facility Management companies have benefitted financially from our extremely competitive weekly fire alarm testing and monthly emergency lighting testing rates. With a dedicated team of operatives, we can assure your responsibilities are fulfilled whilst also providing the specialist services required.
Simple things like ensuring on site records are kept up to date whilst also emailing a report to the offsite management team or collecting and returning keys can all be negotiated into a bespoke deal for you, freeing up your valuable time in the process.
We are employed by Property and Facility Management teams to undertake a range of servicing requirements to include the following systems:


  • Fire alarms (BAFE SP203-1 Accredited) – Weekly and annual testing…
  • Emergency lighting – Monthly and annual testing…
  • Pressure differential systems (Stair pressurisation systems) – Weekly/annual testing…
  • AOV (Automatic Opening Vent) (smoke vent systems)
  • Fire & smoke damper maintenance
  • Remote monitoring (automatic police or fire brigade response)


  • Intruder & burglar alarms
  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • Remote monitoring (automatic police or fire brigade response)


  • Induction loops
  • Remote monitoring (automatic police or fire brigade response)

Essentially we offer a full electronic fire and security package to ensure you meet your statutory compliance requirements.

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