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If we have reported anything you are uncertain about, please complete this form detailing your query and we will ensure your question is dealt with promptly. For example, we may have reported areas which we were unable to access too, maybe there have been changes to the use or layout of you premises which require attention or maybe something as simple as you require a new log book. Complete the form below and submit your question…
Request a quotation to rectify any defects reported…
Your report may detail defects which we were unable to rectify during your visit. Specialist parts may be require or maybe the value or nature of the works required was a consideration. If you require a quotation to rectify and defects please let us know… 

Also, as part of our duty of care we may make recommendations regarding your system which will be based upon current guidelines, best practice and experience. For example, a detector may be too close to a new partition wall or a newly formed reception requires an induction loop. We will inform you of any issues we become aware of during our visit and recommend remedial action. 

Update your information (telephone number, email address etc…
To ensure we can be at our most efficient for you, please provide details of any changes of contact names, telephone numbers or email addresses to which our services relate. You may wish to add email addresses to your report distribution list or maybe you’ve had a change in personnel –  use this form to keep us up to date…
Arrange a follow up visit if access was not gained to your property…
On occasion we will be unable to gain access to your premises to complete the required tests. In this instance we will leave a “we called today” card requesting a suitable day/time to gain entry. If we are unable to get in touch or gain access, we will close our call and report the access issue. You can use this form to make suitable arrangements for access with our service team.

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