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Remote Monitoring

For complete peace of mind, consider our remote monitoring packages. We encourage the use of IP monitoring which ultimately benefits you, saving line rental costs and also annual monitoring costs.

  • Emergency Assistance
  • Peace of Mind
  • Insurance

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Investment in CCTV is an essential one in today’s climate. Maintenance of the investment will prolong the life of your equipment, ensure it is safely installed and also guarantee you receive an emergency response to any issues you may have.

CCTV maintenance is paramount if you intend to use the system correctly and bring to justice those who may unlawfully affect you or your investment.

  • Deter
  • Record
  • Identify
  • Prosecute

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Access Control

If you have taken the time and invested in a system which is designated control of those accessing your premises or secure/confidential areas, you should protect the system itself by employing a suitable system of maintenance.

  • Secure
  • Management
  • Protection

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Induction Loops

Annual test and inspection of AFILS is a legal requirement. Any system provided as an auxiliary aid to a disabled person should be properly maintained as stated in the Equality Act 2010. Code of Practice – Equality Act 2010 states “failure to ensure the auxiliary aid is in operation may constitute a failure to make an adjustment”

Pyrocel offers AFILS maintenance in line with the current British Standard.

  • Evaluate
  • Legislate
  • Comply

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Gas Suppression

If you have a gas suppression system installed it is essential that you correctly maintain the system in line with current British Standards. These systems have an electrical and mechanical aspect, both requiring specialist testing, including annual room integrity testing.

  • Annual Maintenance
  • Emergency Response
  • Conformity

Pyrocel delivers these services effectively and professionally.

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Damper Test & Inspection

Damper testing & inspection is a requirement of BS9999:2008 which states “Arrangements should be made for all fire dampers to be tested by a competent person on completion of the installation and at regular intervals”…

Pyrocel offer this service at extremely competitive rates. We utilise a 2 man team, embracing our own imposed health and safety requirements.

  • Annual Maintenance
  • Professional Advice
  • Conformity

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